Sponsors and Friends

These folks help keep us afloat. We trust and use their products and services, and hope you’ll do the same!

Galvan Fly Reels


Rio Products

Tibor Reels


Outdoor photography… The Best in the Biz!

Copi Vojta: http://www.cbvphotographics.com
John Sherman: http://www.johngsherman.com
Chris Short: http://chrisashort.com

Fishing Guides… And friends of mine.

Lees Ferry On The Fly http://leesferryonthefly.com/
Lees Ferry in northern Arizona is a mystical tail water loaded with rainbow trout! A must fish!
Randall Bryett: http://www.gofishaustralia.com
Down under at it’s best!
Gregg Arnold: http://www.fishinthelandofgiants.com
Trophy reds and tarpon.
Keith Robins: http://www.salmonguide.com
Seattle salmon fishin’ and more.
Kirby LaCour: http://www.redchasercharters.com
Drum and redfish
Tommy Locke: http://www.capttommylocke.com
Florida Fly fishin veteran!
Cory Craig: http://tropicfins.com
This guy knows Costa Rica like no other!